[Poem] Dinner Plate by Abby Poggemoeller

Locked away
Too delicate to use
But look how pretty it is in your china cabinet
But how often do you look in your own china cabinet?
It looks pretty for those far few who pass through your house
So that they might gawk at the luxuries you spent unseen countless hours to save for
And you are lucky if they say anything about it, if
They even notice the lovely frivolous things you worked for
A dinner plate you can’t even eat from earns you little valor
Do you even like it that much?
An obstinate object, glossy and unglorified?
An item so breakable you can’t even use it?
Why make such sacrifices, make space in your home for things so fragile,
So pointless to you?
Is it worth it?
To be made out of porcelain?

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