[Poem] Driving High by Molly Wilson

Bargaining with my brain
between what I want for myself and
Who I am right now
is driving me insane
Driving has never been my strong suit anyway

So, others drive me
up a wall, down the hallway
A way to cope is all
I need to fall asleep
burdened by my nightmares 
and dimly lit dreams
of something to appease me 

My emotions are high, and so am I
not on drugs just on the possibilities and
the overwhelming feeling
of feeling
nothing at all

About the Author
Molly Wilson is a 28 year old writer, actor, and cashier from Mt. Vernon, IL. Several of her poems have been published in SIUE’s literary magazine “River Bluff Review” and she’s also had the pleasure of seeing a few of her one act plays performed on stage. Molly is honored to have her poetry published in the first edition of CentraLit!

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