[Poem] Holy Holy by Abby Poggemoeller

I often forget that my eyes are behind colored lenses
I can’t unsee the sins on my skin
No bath in holy water
No infinite rosary
No carving out of my wooden cask
Can rip away the dripping shame of my skin
I swallow hot coals to purge my body of the demons who have my face
To cauterize the bleeding sores inside me that do not heal
I take in nothing but the dew on leaves like the buddha did
But I have not been purified
But I don’t even believe
There are no sins to be made of
Why do I try to make room for something to take away the guilt
To absolve me of all the things that haunt me
I try to shelve myself away in vain
But I forget that no one else can see this skin
Not everyone has these colored lenses
And I dream of a day where no deity can stop me from being free of this technicolor veil

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