[Poem] When It Beckons Me Back by Abby Poggemoeller

When I left this place
I thought I’d never return
That the beaten path I walked out on was a one way road
But I sometimes find myself stumbling back to this end of this world, this no man’s bridge
Tenderfooted and entranced by the watersong
A stranger with a face like mine sits with her legs dangling over the edge and into the water
The water bubbles and boils and sizzles
The smell of this stranger’s skin burning in this acid bath hangs in the air
But her eyes stay closed and her head bobs back and forth
Like she is dancing with death
Time really doesn’t change things here

I sit down next to her, my legs tucked under me and the scars on my ankles burning from the memory
I look out at this vast lake of acid water
And the water still enamours me closer
The siren song has only grown more cunning, the words more poignant and eloquent with each
return back to this place
But I do not listen
I do not dance with death the way I used to, the way it wants me to
I sit at this edge, the end of the world
And I put my hand on hers
Because I know we’ll walk out of here dry

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