[Poem] Glasses, Books, and Bon Iver by Alexis Deomes

I didn’t get to know you for very long
But anytime I hear Bon Iver
My mind races back to the nights you’d make me listen to him
His voice as angelic as the smile that lit your face
You’d always recommend me books
Though I’d never get around to reading them
I always tried to,
Because I would’ve done anything to impress you
I can’t even smell clean linen and books
Without thinking of that basement
And I hate it more than anything
Because you turned me into something I never wanted to be
A hateful person
A hateful person, who loves the smell of books
And fresh linen
And the sound of Bon Iver’s voice

About the Author
Alexis Deomes is a writer, storyteller, and traveler from Centralia, Illinois. She is currently residing in Seoul, South Korea with her fiancé, where she works on her latest stories and her blog. You can find her on Instagram @AlexisDeomes or view her blog http://deomeswriting.wordpress.com

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