[Poem] Fools Gold Daughter by Abby Poggemoeller

You saw a glint and mined me from rock
You shined me up and held me towards the light
But didn’t trust that I was doubloon true
So you shoved me in your pocket
You have too much pride to produce a fake
So you picked me apart relentlessly
To show my deceit 
And you told me to shine before showing your find
You are convinced I am fool’s gold daughter
That every mask I wear is glitter
You want to know so bad that it is I who has the fault inside
And you want so bad to keep your throne held high
Your treasure pure karat when the crowds come
You tell me that I am damaged and worthless
You demand I meet gold standard
Lest that light reflect on you
And I’ll be true
I cannot say what worth lies within
And you’re right
Not all that glitters is gold
But I’ll be gone before the debt collectors
Because I am anything but yours

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