[Poem] The Bridges Used to Call My Name by Abby Poggemoeller

The bridges used to call my name
And I wanted so bad to listen
Their voices were harmonic like church bells that never stopped their chiming
Every overpass I pondered over
Every balcony I measured from
The ceaseless ringing love song they sang enamored me closer
The bridges were sirens, I’m sure
But I’d stand on the guardrail
My legs, so heavy and love drunk, would beg me closer
And I’ve always been a hopeless romantic
I wanted so badly to unite the two
Give a punctured lung last breath toast at their wedding
Serve my battered guts as hor d’oeuvres at their reception
Write their waterlogged wedding song
But I couldn’t
So I danced my feet at the edge
Hummed the wedding bell song of wanting
And convinced myself it was a happy occasion

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