[Poem] There is Magic in This Place by Lana Shaw

Magic is in the air
All around
Money is exchanged
Treats are purchased
The door is wide open to enter
Walk into inviting blackness
An empty seat
My heart skips a beat
Staring straight ahead
Listening to the random music playing on it is stopped it is interrupted at the precise time.
Magic is in the air
Stars are floating in the air towards me
The outside world is gone
I’m no longer in my seat
I have entered another land
Am I witness?
Or participant?
I have lost track
Magic surrounds me
Today – I am in a place somewhere over the rainbow
Tomorrow – I’m in a lovely land called Narnia
Yesterday – I am standing beside our fallen President
Lost in this magical land
The lights come up
The music swells
I am back…
There is Magic in this place

About the Author

Lana Shaw works at the State of Illinois with Department of Human Services. She taught at Kaskaskia Community College for 20 years. She has published a poetry book entitled, “The Art of Living”. She is in the process of working on her second book. She received a Bachelor’s of Arts from Eastern Illinois University, and she has her Masters of Arts from University of Illinois, Springfield. She revitalized a local writing group Creative Endeavors. She has performed her poetry with local Open Mic group and at the Vachel Lindsay home in Springfield, Illinois.

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